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Flexible Packet Forwarding

Flexible Packet Forwarding (FPF) method

The FPF packet forwarding method was designed for Future Internet networks. It follows the source routing principle at an inter-domain level and uses the list of domain customized, local identifiers (LID) to forward packets on the end-to-end path. The main characteristics of FPF method is the capability to introduce flexible routing path selection, native support for multipath and multicast packet transfer, ability for exploitation of advanced packet processing in network nodes as, e.g., content recoding and caching.

The source code of FPF node for Linux is here

How to install

1) Compilation
    $ make
Note: make sure following packages are installed before:
  • libnl-dev(el) (version 1.1)
  • kernel headers

  • 2) Loading the modules
      $ su
      # insmod ./modules/fpf_forward.ko
      # insmod ./modules/fpf_intercept.ko
    Note: fpf_intercept is needed only in edge nodes.

    3) Configuration tools
    Tools require root access!
      # ./tools/ci_tool
      # ./tools/cf_tool
    4) FPF agent
    Edit agent.conf to set address/port values.
      $ sudo python -m agent.main
    AAI Team