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The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Alan Kay

Media Ecosystem Deployment through Ubiquitous Content-Aware Network Environments

FP7 ALICANTE - Homepage

  The ALICANTE project heads towards the deployment of a “Media Ecosystem”, by proposing a comprehensive architecture with innovations and evolutions for the common actors of the Networked Media Value Chain: The Content Providers, the Service Providers, the Network Providers, and of course, the End-Users.

The ALICANTE concept aims to provide:
  • Content-Awareness to the Network Environment, thanks to the proposed CAN (Content-Aware Network) Layer on top of the classical Internet infrastructure, and the main element constituting it: the Media-Aware Network Element (MANE), new edge router with Content-Aware capabilities;
  • Network - and User Context-Awareness to the Service Environment, thanks to the proposed Home-Box Layer and the main element constituting it: the Home-Box, novel home gateway entity present in the users’ home and permitting Prosumer capabilities, in addition to efficient delivery;
  • A full adaptation framework capable of providing personalized and adaptedvideo content to the End-User for his best service experience possible.
The project challenge is to propose an open and modular architecture to support the easy creation and deployment of such a networked “Media Ecosystem”.