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Monitoring & Measurement Cluster

MOME logo The MOME cluster offers a platform for knowledge and tool exchange and for co-ordination of activities between current (FP5) and upcoming (FP6) IST projects and other European partners. Many projects include monitoring and measurement components for traffic engineering, billing and accounting, security, etc. To avoid double work/funding and to improve the strength by synergetic knowledge transfer, common activities in-between these projects are required. This will be advanced by interoperability testing of monitoring and measurement components of different projects and afterwards collecting monitoring and measurement data in a common format in a measurement database. Collected data will be made accessible for the community over the Internet via simple interfaces for e.g. mathematical and statistical analyses.

Monitoring and measurement related contributions to standardisation bodies like IETF from the participating projects will be co-ordinated by the MOME cluster. The activities will be supported by promotion of personnel exchange between the co-operating partners and projects and by the organisation of public workshops and conferences within the field of monitoring and measurement.